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This section provides information on services available in Gran Alacant. From the submenu of this page you can see the directions, schedules, contacts, etc.. the doctor, the library ... You can also access a guide to the most important phones. View bus schedules. View drawings and how to access to Gran Alacant, where urbanizations are located, street, etc..


  • Services: Information contacts
  • Telephone Guide: Telephone Guide
  • Schedules: Transport schedules
  • Maps: Gran Alacant maps
  • Satellite View: Satellite View of Gran Alacant
  • Urbanizations: Gran Alacant urbanizations
  • A to Z streets: Gran Alacant A-Z streets

Basic data of Gran Alacant state

Belmonte Administración de Fincas, S.L. (Gran Alacant Administration)

Addres Str. Colón, 26 - 1st Right. (03001 Alicante)
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Phone 965 140 513
Fax 966 354 802

Gran Alacant State

Addres Escandinavia avenue, 35-37
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